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Markets / pairs

Strategy builder markets
In your strategy configuration, you decide which pairs you will be trading on which market. StalexBot bots can trade all pairs of a market at once; the configuration for this is done per strategy.
Your strategy can be configured for multiple markets, in case you want to run multiple bots on different markets.
There are 4 different ways to configure your markets:
  • Manual
  • Top volume (automatic coin selection)
  • Top gainers (automatic coin selection)
  • Top losers (automatic coin selection)

Manual pair selection

Select up to 100 pairs manually to trade with this strategy
You decide which pairs your bot will trade. The bot simply executes your strategy for just the pairs you selected.

Top volume selection (automatic coin selection)

Automatic coin selection: top volume
If you use a form of automatic coin selection, like 'top volume', 'top gainers' or 'top losers', you can give your strategy parameters to find x amount of pairs that meet these parameters. Additionally, you can select some additional pairs that the strategy will always check even if they don't meet the automatic requirements.
Last modified 2yr ago