Controls and shortcuts

How to efficiently use the builder?
These controls apply to the StalexBot strategy builder, as seen above.

How to add a new tile?

Drag from the tiles section into the white canvas.
Adding a new tile is as simple as dragging and dropping it in where you need it.

How to edit, delete or duplicate a tile?

Hover over a tile to see the options
When you hover over a tile, you will see three options for most tiles: edit, duplicate and delete. These are buttons that apply to the tile you're hovering on.

How to connect tile to make a path?

Click on on tile to select it, then hover to the tile you want to connect it to
When you click on a tile in the builder, this becomes the selected tile. When you hover over other tiles, you see the link icon. Clicking on this link icon will create the connection between two tiles. Note that the direction of the connection is important!

How to move a tile?

You can move tiles by clicking and dragging them across the canvas.

How to move multiple tiles at once?

Hold shift to select multiple tiles
By holding shift or ctrl key and clicking on tiles, you can create a selection of tiles to perform the same action with. This way it becomes possible to moves multiple tiles at once.

How to select a full path quickly?

Double click to select a full path of connected tiles
Double clicking on one of the tiles in a path will select all the tiles that are somehow connected to this tile.

How to copy and paste tiles? (even across strategies)

Copy and paste tiles
You can copy and paste selected tiles by using two keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+C to copy selected tiles (you will see feedback at the right top if it copied) and CTRL+V to paste it. The tiles are copied to the clipboard, meaning you can also go to another strategy and paste it in there.