First bot setup

How to get started with your first StalexBot?
First be sure to have an account and finish the walkthrough/introduction

1. You just finished the introduction

After finishing the introduction, it's time to create your first StalexBot. Navigate to the 'Bots tab'
You land on the strategies page. Navigate to the bots page instead (left side menu)

2. Click to create a new bot

Create your first bot

3. Choose your bot type

StalexBot supports futures and spot trading. Futures is trading with leverage, while spot is not.
Choose for futures or spot

4. Choose your market

One bot trades on one market. Examples of the most popular markets are BTC, ETH and USDT.
Only markets which you have configured in your strategies will show up.
If you want to use a market that is not showing here, first edit the strategy to configure this market. After that, it will show up in the bot creation process.

5. Allocation & trading mode

As seen in the image above, you can decide how much funds you will put into this bot, and if this bot can trade with real money on the exchange, or with fake money to test.

6. Choose your strategy

Example of a strategy to choose
You can always change your strategy later!

7. Setup Telegram for notifications

We recommend setting up a Telegram bot which you can link to your StalexBot, so you will stay up to date with what your bot is doing in the markets. The article can be read here.