Partial close tile

Closes a percentage of a position to take profit or reduce risk.
Partial close tile editor
  • Name - Name that shows in your strategy tiles. This can be anything you can recognize it with.
  • Order type - Choose between a market order or limit order.
    • Limit order:
      • Order offset (%) - At how much premium (positive number) maximum do you want to place the order? Or how much lower than current price (negative number)?
      • Order timeout (s) - After how many seconds of the order not being filled should it be removed from the exchange?
  • Amount to close (%) - Which part of the position should be closed in percentages? Keep in mind that if you have multiple partial closes in your strategy, the percentage is always relative to the CURRENT position size. Meaning that the first 50% close sells 50% of the original size, but the next 50% close closes 25% of the original size.
  • Cooldown (s) - How much time in seconds should at least be between a next possible partial close?