Sell/exit tile

The sell/exit tile is used to close a position fully.
The sell and exit tiles are for spot and futures strategies relatively. The inputs are identical for both.
Exit tile inputs
  • Name - A name you see in the the tile when you see the strategy: can be anything you can recognize it with.
  • Order type - Choose between a market order or limit order.
    • Limit order:
      • Order offset (%) - At how much premium (positive number) maximum do you want to place the order? Or how much lower than current price (negative number)?
      • Order timeout (s) - After how many seconds of the order not being filled should it be removed from the exchange?
  • Pair cooldown (s) - How long should this pair be ignored by the bot after selling on this sell tile? If your strategy is on the 30m chart, it is logical to make this at least 1800 seconds (30m).