DCA tile

Add money to an existing trade based on conditions.
DCA tile editor
  • Name - Name that shows in your strategy tiles. This can be anything you can recognize it with.
  • Order type - Choose between a market order or limit order.
    • Limit order:
      • Order offset (%) - At how much premium (positive number) maximum do you want to place the order? Or how much lower than current price (negative number)?
      • Order timeout (s) - After how many seconds of the order not being filled should it be removed from the exchange?
  • DCA timeout (s) - How many seconds should be at minimum be between a possible next DCA?
  • Position multiplier - 1 doubles the current position size. 0.5 adds 50% of the current size to the position. Some math might be required if you plan to use multiple DCAs.
  • Allow multiple DCAs on this tile - Do you want to DCA based on the same condition multiple times? Tick this box.
    • Make sure to pick a good DCA timeout, so that your DCA can't trigger immediately after the first one is filled. Oftentimes you want to pick a DCA timeout that is at least a bit higher than the timeframe you use in your signal.