Started recording public changelog on May 7th 2021



  • Sorting open positions on net change or hold time
  • Add fallback for clipboard


  • Live position hold time on positions page (update every 5s)
  • Dark theme crypto icons are now light grey instead of black
  • Check max leverage of a coin before buying, so no issues arise if the leverage is not supported by the exchange
  • Notification tiles coming from a buy/entry tile behave as expected now
  • Trailing 'from initial entry' fixed for shorts
  • If order is below min notional, order is not submitted to exchange


  • Updated app to new color scheme
  • Added support for Mac command key to copy/paste tiles in builder
  • Updated links in app to (was Tawk)



  • Validation on importing position: check for min notional issues and pair decimal issues. Give feedback to user.
  • Confirmation popup when stopping bot
  • Copy/paste functionality in strategy builder
  • Multi select tiles in the strategy builder and move tiles together


  • Select pair inputs design renewed